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Video, 3:45 min., 2008, Video Installation, 3:30 min., loop, 2008 Synopsis: The videolight sequence is based on sound snippets from the movie Blue Thunder (USA, 1982), which was one of the early 80’s media rehabilitation of Vietnam war veterans in civilian society.

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6 channel (synchronized) installation for 18 TVs, 10min, loop, 2003 Synopsis: Composed of eighteen television monitors, installed on the floor in three groups of six facing the ceiling, Still Men Out There uses a combination of audio and light color fields to

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Video, 5 min., 1993 Description: White forms and shapes emerge and vanish against a black flickering screen. An anthem and explosions can be heard. Is it fireworks or bombs? Is it war or a celebration? The 3rd of October 1990, the

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