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multichannel video installation, 2013 incl. 9 sets with 13 standup figures and billboard video, neon letters, door sign and 1 video for flatscreen Description: The globalization and liberalization of markets has shaped the world during the last decades, while religious

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Installation for 8 Monitors, Video, 8 min loop, 1998 Synopsis: In the video installation “Again & Again” Melhus tells—not without humor—the story of a person engaged in an inner dialogue on the subject of reproduction, only to be rejected by

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TOAST, film, 16mm, 1986, 1 min. in collaboration with Anne Maar (Super 8 version, 1:30 min) Toast, buttered or not, is an example of commodification of food. Symbolic of a society where time is money, the toaster allows for instant

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