Video, 6’00, 1991

DAS ZAUBERGLAS considers subjectivity in regards to media culture, viewing and being viewed, and the positions of self and Other.


A short meeting of a shaving man and his female reflection in the magic glass/the TV monitor. A tale about coming and going and the desire of an incomprehensible virtual image. Based on the German version of the 1950’s Western romance, “Broken Arrow”.


In “The Magic Glass” Melhus describes in the form of a Tele-story the mechanism of action between the ego and the medium: A young man is trying in vain to enter into a dialog with a young woman, whom he watches on a television screen. She represents his female alter ego. However, the television screen remains an insurmountable borderline which lets the attempt fail. The man is not able to find to his unconscious female alter ego, remaining caught in his longing.
(from: Bjørn Melhus, exhibition catalog, Bremen/Munich.)


Production Team:

Concept, Performance, Direction, Editing, Production: Bjørn Melhus
2nd Camera: Oliver Becker
Make-up: Julia Neuenhausen


Young Artist Award, Videofestival, Berlin
Special Award of the Marl Video Prize
Eric-Wynalda -Techno- Award, Filmwinter, Stuttgart
KUBO-Kunstpreis, Bremen