4K Video, 18 min., 2022

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In reference to the death scene with Edward G. Robinson from the film „Soylent Green,“ a 112-year-old man lies on a hospital bed and is pushed through a seemingly endless, industrial-looking hallway. The man speaks directly to the camera in a childlike, androgynous voice that is actually a woman’s. The entire monologue recounts the events on Earth over the past 112 years. The number 7 repeatedly plays an important role. First, as a prologue, the first seven years of life from 1966 to 1973 are described, as the dawn of a new age that correlates with the years of publication of the novel by Harry Harrison (1966) and that of the film (1973). Then the events of 1973 and their dystopian consequences are described over the next 49 (7×7) years to 2022, when the world was about to end. After a global pandemic and a Third World War, the first signs of an all-destroying climate catastrophe appeared. At the same time, however, the year 2022 also became a turning point, presumably due to a viral mutation that changed people’s brains for the better. What was not really noticeable in the first years, however, became a global healing process in the following 49 years, characterized by empathy and mutual support. Nature and the climate recovered and all people peacefully shared resources. This amazing development process then came to an end in 2071. The epilogue of the last seven years, 2071-2078, is the life description of a transcendental primordial state.

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Bjørn Melhus: RESOLUTION, 18 min., 2022, Video Still
Bjørn Melhus: RESOLUTION, 18 min., 2022, Video Still