4K Video, 20:30 min, 2019

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Short Synopsis:

SUGAR, an emotional robot with a soul, fights against the narcissism of socially deadened humans.

Longer Synopsis:

In a post-apocalyptic world not much unlike parts of the present, SUGAR (Frank Willens), a humanoid robot that can feel, think and dance, is sent out to bring back a human touch to people. SUGAR finally encounters a HON (Human Organism Normal) (Bjørn Melhus), a post-influencer who passes his time in a sort of eternal commercial in an underground techno cell. SUGAR tries to free HON from his prison of routines, speech and movement loops and hopes to build a true encounter – an interaction, a dialogue. The tragicomic narrative of this encounter and its failure raises general questions about consciousness, ego-turbo-capitalism and the dream of the collective.

SUGAR is an experimental science fiction film.

Video Stills:

Production Team:

Written, directed & edited by Bjørn Melhus
SUGAR: Frank Willens
HON: Bjørn Melhus
Sugar’s Voice: Alena Williams
Director of Photography: Eike Zuleeg
Camera Operator: Jens-Christian Wanzeck
Chief Lighting Technician: Julian Lück
Assistant Lighting Technician: Natalie Pusch
Lighting Consultant: Andreas Schwab
Set Design & Props: Markus Bertuch
Costume & Make-up: Julia Neuenhausen
Eyes for Sugar: Ole J. Melhus

Location Manager & Eye-operator Sugar: Felix Laubscher
Set Construction: Philipp Halisch, Michael Wiehl, Christine Würmell
Set Assistant: Paula Godinez
Production Intern: Christian Roncea
Set Photographer: Ralf Henning

Sound Design: Wolfram Spyra, Felix Andriessens
Music: Wolfram Spyra & Roksana Vikaluk
Re-Recording Mixer: Felix Andriessens

Postproduction Supervisor: Ben Brix
Special Effects: Antonis Kalagkatsis
Graphic Design: Javier Benítez-Pinzón
Colorist: Stefan King

Producer: Yuki Jungesblut for Limboland Productions
Produced by: Bjørn Melhus/ Limboland Productions

Special Thanks: Meg Stuart, KU64 Dr. Ziegler & Partner Zahnärzte, GRAFT Architects, Galerie EBENSPERGER RHOMBERG, Werkleitz Gesellschaft

Thanks to: Medienwerkstatt im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin

Made with the support of:

Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM)
Filmförderanstalt (FFA)