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HD Video, 3 min. loop, 2009/2014 Synopsis:  A masked rider who is armed heavily with high-tech equipment sits on the back of a horse, which is harnessed with a traditional Mexican outfit and apparently dances to folkloristic sounds. The interplay

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HD Video, 7:10min, 2010, colour Synopsis: Vast desert expanses extend out in our imaginations as life after death, the white blinding light transforming the mere mortal into the eternal. The curtains go down but the brilliance of the spirit lives

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Single Channel Video, 4 min., 1997 Double channel video/ installation, 4 min., 1997 Synopsis: “Mickey went to Europe, the Smurf went to America … this is called cultural exchange.” (BLUE MOON) A Smurf, alone in the Californian desert, is humming

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TOAST, film, 16mm, 1986, 1 min. in collaboration with Anne Maar (Super 8 version, 1:30 min) Toast, buttered or not, is an example of commodification of food. Symbolic of a society where time is money, the toaster allows for instant

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