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Object and Text Video, 2009, 5:37 min, loop Description: MARS RECOVERY includes videos, photographs and objects orbiting around the once dead, but now reanimated fantasy of the conquest of planet Mars. After the failure of three US-American movies from 2000/2001

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Video, 2009, 7’10, loop (part of MARS RECOVERY) Synopsis: The projection which is part of the work Mars Recovery/ Mars Recovery Redux illustrates romantic images of the planet’s landscape, occupied by pioneers from Earth. Human beings and nature are brought

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Video, 2 channel installation, 14 min., loop, 2005 Screening Version: HD Video, 14:20 min, 2005 Synopsis: As a child, Bjørn Melhus was always fascinated by American science fiction series. Nowadays he uses them as a treasure trove for dialogues and figures

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