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HD VIDEO, 25 min., 2010 Norwegian with English Subtitles Synopsis: Time flows through the bottleneck of an hourglass like grains of sand. One after another, gravity pulls them through this centre of the earth. Where is this centre and what

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Ongoing video project, variable in installation size, 2007 Synopsis: In “The City” night time views of major cities around the globe are shown during the blue hour. In a steady breathing rhythm one image follows the other, one city becomes

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Video, 5 min., 1993 Description: White forms and shapes emerge and vanish against a black flickering screen. An anthem and explosions can be heard. Is it fireworks or bombs? Is it war or a celebration? The 3rd of October 1990, the

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Video, 7 min., 1990 Synopsis: July 1st 1990 marked the day of monetary reunification between East and West Germany. The West German currency, the Deutsch Mark, was imported into the East, and with it, the promise of free markets. At Berlin

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